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Update on Digital Media for Children Project

We have not been blogging of late, largely because Kathrin Rees has been focused on finishing her dissertation and we have been busy communicating the results of the first phase of our project and transitioning to a new phase. Here I will provide an update on some of our recent activities.

A major project that has been ongoing since our conference in June 2015 has been the development of a new topic for the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, edited by Susan Rvachew, specifically Technology in Early Childhood Education, consisting of 6 articles, a commentary, a synthesis and an information sheet for parents.

Table of Contents: Technology in Early Childhood Education
Infants, Toddlers and Learning from Screen Media
Mary L. Courage, PhD, Georgene L. Troseth, PhD
Learning in the Digital Age: Putting Education Back in Educational Apps for Young Children
Jennifer M. Zosh, PhD, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, PhD, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, PhD, Julia Parish-Morris, PhD
Literacy Technologies and the Early Years of School
Robert Savage, PhD, Eileen Wood, PhD
Electronic(E)-books as a Support for Young Children’s Language and Early Literacy
Ofra Korat, PhD, Ora Segal-Drori, PhD
Teaching Early Literacy with E-books: Emerging Practices
Kathleen Roskos, PhD, Jeremy S. Brueck, PhD
Educational Media Supports for Preschool-aged English Language Learners
Kevin M. Wong, PhD Student, Susan B. Neuman, PhD
Technology in early childhood education: overall commentary
Susan Rvachew, PhD

A second long running project is a special issue of the International Journal of Child-Computer Interactions, edited by Natalia Kucirkova and Susan Rvachew: Reading in the 21st century: how does digital book-reading influence the reading processes and outcomes for young children? Two of the six articles in the issue come from our project:

Improving emergent literacy with school-based shared reading: Paper versus ebooks Susan Rvachew | Kathrin Rees | Elizabeth Carolan | Aparna Nadig

Elizabeth Carolan made a short slide show describing this study:

Story-related discourse by parent–child dyads: A comparison of typically developing children and children with language impairments Kathrin Rees | Aparna Nadig | Susan Rvachew

We will send out a notice attached to a new blog post when all of these articles are finally gathered together into a “virtual special issue”.

A smaller publication this year was an op-ed in the Montreal Gazette, written by Susan Rvachew.

Currently we are busy with new projects funded by a new grant from SSHRC. Several conferences are upcoming in the remainder of 2017. New students will be arriving in the fall. All of these developments will lead to new blog posts in the future.