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Child Phonology Lab, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

The Child Phonology Lab is directed by Dr. Susan Rvachew and staffed by a team of post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, research assistants and volunteers. Ongoing research examines speech, language and literacy development and assesses the efficacy of interventions to improve children’s skills in these areas.

Psychology of Pragmatics Lab, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

The research in Dr. Aparna Nadig’s lab focuses on pragmatic development, social communication, and language and communication in individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Leading edge technologies are used to understand how we use multiple sources of information (visual, prosodic, from previous discourse, about our conversational partner) to arrive at a speaker’s intended meaning, and how we do this in real time, and what characteristics underlie this ability.

Centre for Research in Brain, Language and Music

The Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music (CRBLM) was established in 2011 to foster interdisciplinary research in the social and neurobiological foundations of language and music. Our long-term objective is to develop insight into the mechanisms the brain uses to make sense out of sound, to identify new and innovative methods to facilitate language and cognitive development, to improve learning skills and to treat disorders of human communication.


Tribal Nova

Tribal Nova is a private company that creates and markets on-line educational services and games for children based on well-known television programs featured on CBC (Canada), PBS (U.S.) and Éditions Bayard (France). Tribal Nova is a member of the Multimedia Producer Group, the NumeriQc Alliance and the Alliance for Children and Television and is a recognized leader in the children’s interactive content industry. Their innovative products have won numerous awards for excellence by industry peers, parenting groups and educators. Recently the company has started to create applications for digital tablets including iReadwith, an innovative prototype of an electronic book.  Tribal Nova was acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in April 2013.


Centre for Literacy

The Centre for Literacy is a national centre of expertise that supports best practices and informed policy development in literacy and essential skills, by creating bridges between research, policy and practice.  The Centre mobilizes knowledge through print- and web-based publications, as well as the loan of resources from their library. The Centre also regularly organizes acclaimed learning events that bring together program providers, policy-makers and researchers to explore and debate important issues.

Fraser-Hickson Library

Since 1885, the Fraser-Hickson has advanced literacy and intellectual inquiry among those whose access to books was limited. Generations of children have learned to read at our library, acquiring a lifelong respect for the knowledge and delight in the written word. Today the Institute’s Mission is to enrich the community by working with partners to facilitate free access to books, related materials and services in English, French and other languages, especially for the very young and those in need.
We do this by:

  • Distributing mini-libraries in Montreal YMCAs and other community centres, to bring our collection to where it’s needed most
  • Strengthening our outreach programs targeting kids, teens and the elderly
  • Digitizing our extensive antiquarian collection to make it accessible to a new generation of historians and researchers
  • Maintaining our acquisitions program, to ensure the collection remains relevant
  • Reaffirming our longstanding leadership in literacy and knowledge — the essential enablers of citizenship

Our Vision, therefore, is to continue to foster a culture of reading and learning and become a leader in raising literacy skills. We are a flexible and supportive partner to community groups, literacy experts and social organisations, working in collaboration to develop innovative programmes with a special emphasis on the first 1,000 days of life. Please contact Helen Fortin, Executive Director (Partnerships and Philanthropy) for further information. or access our website at

HIPPY Quebec

We are very excited to be partnered with HIPPY Quebec, a major international program founded in Israel in 1969 by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which has spread to 10 countries, including 7 sites in Canada. The program was launched in Montreal in 2005 jointly by the district Côte-des-Neiges/Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, la Maison Élizabeth and the Centre for Literacy of Quebec House. The vision of HIPPY is to promote the social integration of children and parents, to ensure the academic success of children, break the isolation of immigrant and disadvantaged families, and contribute to the development of professional skills of parents so they can easier access to the labor market. With their program, HIPPY strives towards the following objectives:

1 – Stimulating children, encouraging their cognitive development as well as their literary skills.
2 – Strengthening the capacity of parents, developing their self-esteem and facilitating their involvement in school and community.
3 – Building communities, reducing family isolation and building relationships with its members.
4 – Providing the HIPPY program to a large population of parents and children by developing satellite sites in partnership with community organizations whose activities are complementary and synergistic with the HIPPY program.

Further information on the HIPPY program can be found at the following website:  


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